YOW! Connected 2016 Android’s Topics

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YOW! Connected is a Mobile conference in Australia, and it is hosted in Melbourne this year. Talks range from iOS, Android, UX practices, processes, VR and also Internet of Things.

Android Specific Talks

As my primary interests is on Android specific topics, shared below are those specifically on Android Native App development related.

Kotlin Pragmagtic Langauge for Android


This talks give an introduction to Kotlin in general. It does gives you several convincing reason why you should consider Kotlin as the next language to adopt.

ANKO: Ultimate Ninja Kotlin Library


The best known Kotlin Library for Android. The main thing it has is make layout design easier in programming, among other smaller features. Also introduce some other alternatives.

Was it FRAGMENT to be


Makes us ponder better of what Fragment really are for Android development. The simple advice is don’t use it, unless you can’t avoid it, then follow some sound advice it gives.

RxJava and why you should care


Give some basic intro to what is RxJava, and more importantly what it would bring you as compared to conventional approach used today with reactive programming.

Realms.io : No SQL for Mobile


Intro to REALM as another option to persist your data, other than SQLite. No more SQL needed, and use the direct POJO models as the database definition. Useful for quick setup of project.

Android Debugging: Trade of Tools


Provides various tips and technique debugging in Android Studio and also some third party plugin and tools. You might discover some gems from the topics that though readily available, but not known to you.

There are some other some what Android related topics like Tensor flow, Progressive Web App, Phonegap to Native, Chrome etc. You could find the other topics on http://connected.yowconference.com.au/speakers/

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