Two A key shortcuts in Android Studio worth remembering!

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emembering shortcut keys is hard. But what if there’s only one Key to remember that you’ll get two powerful shortcuts in Android Studio just with the letter A? Check it out!

1. Shift ⇧ + Command ⌘ + A

This shortcut is created by IntelliJ as SEARCH ALL shortcut key.

It allows one to search for CLASSES, FILES, SYMBOL as well as ACTIONS which is what features or shortcut there is in IntelliJ.

Just type in the keyword, and the list of items will smartly appear as below. It even has setting you could turn ON/OFF without you go to the setting directly as shown in the diagram below.

Check it out and have fun!!

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2. Shift ⇧ + Control ⌃ + A

How many times after compile you App and need to run it again? Do you

  1. Go to the emulator/device and click the App again to launch it, or
  2. Click compile again? (Oh so slow…).
  3. Or you have an ADB command in the terminal to do so?

What about uninstalling it? Type in your ADB command?

What about revoke all the permission granted to the App for your testing? Need to go to the Settings of the phone to reset it, or clear the cache?

Something easier and so much handy below…

No more hassle now, just use ⇧⌃A shortcut, and a dialog as below will pop up. Select what you like to do with your App, and see what you want happens in NO TIME!

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Isn’t it easy just remember the A letter for your shortcuts 🤩!

I hope this post is helpful to you. You could check out my other interesting topics here.

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