Thanks for your sharing. I always appreciate the insight from experience one had.

Agree with you. Indeed one should never share a company trade secret and intellectual property without prior approval from the company.

What’s I’m referring on sharing in my article is more on common learn knowledge (e.g. programming tips, technical know how etc). So it’s open information.

Ya, the example of people I provided is not only technically savvy, but also great business strategist, communicator and visionary. So I agree, not everyone will be them. In fact most wont be them.

The tips I’m sharing, is just one could have better resume, with open reference of technical contribution to the community. It’s not a blog teaching one to be businessman and a billionaire (though I hope someone who reads this will become one).

p/s: I don’t mind to be Woz, and have a Steve Job there besides me. :)

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Passionate about learning, and sharing mobile development and others

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