Thanks for your input.

My believe is both tool and programming languages has improve the way we code today.

Let me give a simple example. We can easily code using functions, and live in different classes etc, have better separation of code, is all because IDE has enable us to navigate our code easily. If we want to write code that is fully readable and traceable, without IDE help, then we should separate out too many small functions, as it hurts the reading of the code flow.

As for my example of Kotlin, it's just one example of modern code, It does represent a set of other modern programming langauges as well that's getting more and more popular due to its less verbose. One example is Type inference,, new languages like Scala and Swift also doesn't require them. Programming languages that is less verbose yet safe will be more and more prominent

Anyway, I fully understood one stands for some existing practice and feel odd with the newer approach. I was once in that boat too, but I realize the world has changed, and will continue to change.

Passionate about learning, and sharing mobile development and others

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