Reaching 20,000+ views a month. Thanks!

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I thought I should share what I did, so that others who wanted to blog would benefits from it, perhaps.


Although just started blogging a year+ on my Android learning, I am most humbled to have 20,000+ views for the month, with 460+ followers. Thanks for all who reads and glad to be able to share part of my learning with you.

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June 2016 statistic
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June 2017 statistic.

What I blog?

Something simple that I learn

Some people think that blogging has to be something totally new, comprehensive. For me, the main reason of me blogging is as documentation for me to remember, or I find fascinating. It could be a very simple script command that I didn’t aware for years, and get to learn it. If fact my highest read and recommended blog is the blog that shows a simple script I learnt about as below

Simplified some complicating subject

It is true we should avoid reinvent the wheel, or write something that’s already out there. However if most of the writing out there seems too complicated for me to understand, once I grasped the knowledge, perhaps I could make it simple enough for others to learn about.

Helping others to avoid some pit falls

As a developer, we often hit road blocks and learn the hard way of some issue or found some bugs. If we who code daily would miss some of such important item, it would be helpful to let other knows about it, preventing them going the hard road. They will appreciate it.

Something that’s new out there

I’m fortunate to have pick up Kotlin earlier before Google announce it’s full support. When it is announced, I’m sure many would want to learn on it in some aspect. There are already many articles on Kotlin itself, but showing how Kotlin with other stuff is still limited. Hence that would benefit some poeple.

How I blog?

Frequency of blogs

My frequency of blogging is about 4–6 articles a month. Some months I am busy, or work on something not easily blog about, so less content from me. But on average, every month I’ll learn something. If a particular month not blogging, that’s a danger sign, I might not be learning, or my time balancing is in question.

Length of blogs

I think it’s important to keep the content of blog short so readers wouldn’t think twice to check it out, if a topic is somewhat interesting. Typically my blog is about 2 -3 mins read. This is also good so I don’t spend too much time just to write an article.

Provides relevant picture, GIF for animation and code example

A picture is a thousand words. Hence by having access to the picture to illustrate your points, or the GIF to show your animation (there are many tools convert MP4 to GIF online), and working code in github shared, readers would love it as it simplify their learning. Check out my this blog as an example.

Start with a summary in your first line

In Medium, it usually will show your first line together with the Title of your blog as the link diagram below show. So take the opportunity to write something the reader could get an idea what your blog is about before zooming into it.

Where I share my blog…

Tag your blog to relevant tag

When you want to publish, Medium allow you to tag to 5 tags. And it does show you the total subscriber of each tags, as shown in the diagram below. So find the tags that’s most relevant as shown below. You want to reach the most audience, while still being relevant.

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Tags showing number of subscribers

Publish to relevant Publication

I am fortunate to be invited to contribute my blog to AndroidPub and Hacker Noon. So if you have an opportunity to share your blog in some renown Publication, it’s a privilege and honor. It will reach more readers than your limited. Thanks to AndroidPub and Hacker Noon for sharing my blogs!

Share it on Twitter or Facebook etc.

Medium allow you to share your blogs on Twitter or Facebook. You’ll be surprise how far that would go sometimes. You could also posting a link to stackoverflow issue that is relevant to your blog as answer, or even bug reports to Google, etc. that you found. Besides, you could propose to contribute your blog on places like Kotlin Weekly or Android Weekly.

Special Appreciation

Having all this far, I owe much to many. I thank Steward Gleadow who encourages me to start blogging. Many experts I came across especially to Jonathan Causevski, Joel Schmidt, Jarrod Boyes, Troy Mcilvena and many others whom I have learnt much from. I will remember with gratitude, keith smyth and Gideon Kowadlo who enabled me to start my first step into Android Development.

Since it requires discipline and time to write, without the support and understanding of my family, I would not have continue this far. Thank God for such good family.

Last and not least, all of you who reads my blogs… Thank you for your time and heart clicks. Hopes able to share with you more on my learning.

Well, still a long way to go… It’s just the beginning. As the Japanese proverb says…

Beginning is easy — continuing hard

I hope you appreciate this post and it’s helpful for you. Do share with others.

You could check out my other interesting topics here.

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