Non-English Mastering Kotlin standard functions tutorial

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Writing blog itself is already so fulfilling. What’s more fulfilling is, to see the blog I wrote got translated to other languages.

Thanks Ahmad Taufiq, 김태수, dot2line, Kwanjong Yoo, Tomasz Rykała and many others whom I can’t find on Medium. You have helped to spread the knowledge to non-English readers. You all deserve great 👏 👏 👏,

If I miss out any name, please shout out, so I could add to it… and also if there are other translation that I’m not aware of, please let me know.

Fully translated version of the blog



Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese

Somewhat referred to the content of the blog

The other languages round are not fully translated from my blog, but some references e.g. snippet of codes and diagram could be seen.




Other references

Frequent references…

Comparative …

In the below blog, it was written, and I google translate it

国内的文章基本上都是泛泛而谈,说不清楚,老外的这个文章讲的算不错的~ The domestic articles are basically general, and it is not clear. The foreigner’s article is quite good~)

Reference in the talk in Denver, US.

I hope this post would encourages you to blog and share your knowledge as well. I also welcome translation of my other topics here. Thanks.

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