Hitting 40,000+ views a month on my birthday. Thanks!

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It wasn’t too long ago back in July this year, I’m most humbled having 20,000+ views a month on my blogs. And within another 5 months, now it reached 40,000+ views for this month. It’s so special to me. It is my birthday. Thank you!!

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Little lessons I learned from the two top topics.

I got a bit of “unpleasant” responses on the post above. Quite a bit of people “hated” the post, and asked for it to be unpublished. But at the same time, there are still some readers who agrees with my point of view.

In actual fact, I have no demeaning intention. I’m just pouring my slight disappointment of Android Studio 3.0 that still have various inconvenient if one codes in Kotlin. Hence a little indirect whinging on the left out features of Android Studio support for Kotlin.

Please pardon me, if I have offended any Kotlin enthusiast or Java loyalist.

I almost fall into a fallacy of Controversial topic is the way to go, until I wrote the above. That topic generates 5k views in 5 days 1.4k claps and 275 fans (and growing). My top blog so far.

The blogged item is not something I learn conveniently, but did some analysis and understanding of the topic. I did some dissection of the mentioned topic, to help my own understanding. Glad this is also helping others and appreciated.

Hence thanks for the support. Not only it encourages me to write on, it also helps corrects my misunderstanding of what people will read. Thank you!!


As mentioned in my previous post, many people contributed to me able to write.

On top of that, thanks to AndroidPro and Hackernoon for allow me to write on their post, as well as Kotlin Weekly who help sharing some of my topics. I have also join ProAndroidDev.com and Mindorks. It’s a great pleasure to contribute as part of the writer.

Not forgetting, many of the readers for selflessly sharing my blogs. Let’s keep the spirit of sharing good things with others, for the benefits of all.

Also, thanks for the 836 followers of my blogs. I hope I could learn together with you on. If you have not yet follow me, and are interested on Kotlin or Android related topics, you could follow me on medium, Twitter or Facebook

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Passionate about learning, and sharing mobile development and others https://twitter.com/elye_project https://www.facebook.com/elye.proj

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