Hi Stefan, thanks for your detailed description of your input. I sincerely appreciate them. I like logical discussion presented.

the main point is that if you don’t explicitly state the visibility level you might make something public by accident.

As something might be made public or private accidentally, it’s an issue of the language that should make a function public or private by default. My input is just when something is the default, we don’t need to explicitly state them again. (e.g. if the language default for function is private, then we don’t need to state them again).

If someone changes the return type of getPos() to be a Vector3 (x, y and z property). The code depending on the getPos method will still work but it’s not the expected type

The IDE will error out if the type is wrong. As the type inferencing never allow ambiguity like in JavaScript.

Take javascript for example. It does not require semicolons, but some browsers interpret the scripts quicker when they are used than if it has to guess them itself.

Good point. I think eventually all browsers will improve towards the ability of parse one without semicolon. Maybe today is not the time yet, but time will come.

I still press tab, but the editor knows to add spaces there

The tab vs spaces has been war of decades. But as you see above, the IDE is making 50% of the step in resolving the problem. I predict it will come to an end is the IDE becomes smart enough to auto-convert them to whatever liking one prefers them. It’s not too hard to technically identify spaces that are used for indentation and replace them as tabs for visibilities and put it back as space as one check-in (or the other way round).


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