Hi Sherlby,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.

I salute those using Vim and Emac. It just I won't go for it. I crave after smarter and powerful IDE.

It is true the IDE does take up a lot of computation power. But the computer power we have today has increased by magnitude compare to what a normal tools demanded for. And what the IDE provides me is so much productivity and convenience for my task. To me, the net is positive by a lot.

As for Kotlin, it's a modern programming language that has adopted many of its approaches from the nice bits of other programming languages. What I have mentioned is not a feature solely in Kotlin, but also exist in other modern languages. I believe more and more language will gear towards such styling and making language smarter to remove all unneeded verbosity and ceremonies.

Anyway, I love your comment

"Programming, like any other profession, is full of complexity, pitfalls, and experts who disagree on fundamental things about the field. Boiling things down to absolutes ignores these nuances."

It is those different opinions and debates that make us progress on, and continue to strive for a better of both worlds.

I'm sure I have much short-sightedness but continue to strive to be open and view things differently. I came from the other side, … maybe one day I may go back, or I may find another path to be in.

Wishing you success too, mate from a different domain. May I learn more from you.

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