Hi Nizar,

Thanks for sharing your thought. What I'm sharing is what I believe the trend will be moving forward.

1. Using of m to indicate member variable is discouraged even by Google.

2. Explicitly restate private/public even the default state is so is discouraged for new languages like Kotlin/Swift.

3. Type inferencing is what most modern language is going after, even for new C# and C++

While that is happening, there will still be a group of people prefer the conventional way, or using some of the older style and languages.

A simple example is, today people are still writing ASM and Cobol, and perhaps some Pascal and FORTRAN still out there. But they are not in the main stream anymore. If I that Cobol will not be the main language to use 30 years ago, I'm sure I'll be bash like what I'm facing today.

Anyway, such style and approach may be back as mainstream one day, but today I think majority is heading towards what I'm sharing.

Time will tell though.

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