Hi Michelangelo,

Thanks for your input. The one I state are not really a specific language approach, but in general adopted by new languages, e.g. Swift, Scala, Kotlin, Dart etc.

Some, like type inferencing, are also getting adopted by older languages that is evolving e.g. C++ and C#.

The use of Curly in programming does has some history, and people get acquainted with the initial style they adopt. The newer generation seems who learn the newer language are adopting the the newer approach as we can largely see how they are now in most languages, except for C, C++ and C#. Even C and C++, if you look at the guide, there's mix approaches.

Check out this story of cruly braces https://medium.com/better-programming/the-curly-story-of-coding-49a348a31cf2

Anyway, I respect each person preference, and know there's always some group of people prefer whats already there. I'm just stating my observation the newer generation is changing their preference, and the future world belongs to newer generation.

Thanks again for sharing your view, and the link to All Man Style

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