Hi Jerry Benson-Montgomery,

Thanks for your input.

I 100% agree with you that code should be written consistently and readable. Having moved away the conventional rules doesn’t make one code worst in my opinion. I strongly believe with tools like IDE, that helps us continue to make great code that is readable and maintainable, while not needing the additional hint.

It is unfortunate to hear that you are still using tools that don’t have syntax coloring to do code review. I remember the days I print out code on paper (black and white) to review them. Indeed those days, everything on the text needs to be so clear. However, today, even Github, and most text editing tools do come with syntax coloring. Even VIM and Emacs have them. It doesn’t just help in reviews, but also help when one write codes and reduce the possibility of writing bad or error code by much.

Although I jokingly state Bill Gates like lazy programmers, but that’s not the main intent of it. The use of technology doesn’t really make one lazier. Instead, it makes one more productive and focus on whats matter better. Concise is the key. New languages are heading to such a dimension I believe. One no longer need to code things that are verbose and redundant anymore.

I believe tools (e.g. IDE) will change the way we code moving forward. It’s not what I say, but it’s what I’m seeing. I’m just stating what I’m seeing, and start to embrace. Never because of being sloppy, but get into another realm that is so different from where I was. I can imagine if I read my article two decades ago, I’ll be in the same shoe as well.

I think this analogy applies, like it or not, the pencil is no longer the main way to write a letter. Legibility using a pencil is no longer a concern.

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