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Thanks for your input.

I agree with you that Programmers are lazy, and I heard Bill Gates likes this type of programmers.

The modern languages and IDE enable one to not write something that is explicitly known and no longer needed to prevent mistakes. The argument of having one explicitly state Public and Private, and also be made to any variable that we need to state if they are Static vs NonStatic. However, NonStatic isn’t needed as everyone knows that’s the default state. Arguably Public and Private are more ambiguous, but if IDE prevents one from accessing the private accidentally, therefore the need to explicitly state them becomes questionable.

IDE has made programmers’ life more productive these days. The simple fact we can write in smaller functions and objects instead of a long sequence of code is because IDE has helped us traverse the code so much easier. That’s the reason most major text editor now incorporate syntax recognition plugin and improve on. Github already have syntax highlighting, and is also looking into traversable code. I sincerely hope no one still printing codes and read them on paper.

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