Aids for Medium Writers

Handy Tools for Medium Writers

Don’t just write. Use some tools to help your writing

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Categories of tools

  • Understanding Medium Audience
  • Improve your writing
  • Promote your writing
  • Reaching out to followers/fans
  • Knowing your Medium followers better
  • Analyze your Medium result
  • Backup your Medium data

Understand Medium Audience

Is Medium’s audience increasing or decreasing? Which countries read on Medium most? Knowing this information would help you to know how Medium is doing, and on a high level what audience you would write to.


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Improve your writing

You start writing. And to write properly, below are some aids that not only ensure you have the essentials but also to spice up your writings.

1. Language accuracy

Medium is mainly an English reader platform. Especially for a writer whose English is not the writer’s first language, like me, we need help.

2. Insert Images

Believe it or not, to make your writing more polished, you need at least a top-notch relevant image as your cover.

3. Insert GIF

Sometimes to exaggerate you could use GIF from Giphy.

5. Insert table

If you need a table, check out this excellent article by Brett Whitmarsh.

Promote your writing

You write, you tagged it with relevant tag, and you publish your work. You hope that will reach a million readers. After a few days, just a handful of readers reading.

1. Publish on Medium Publication

This is the most effective way to get to Medium Reader so far. But the challenge is, there are so many Publications out there, which to try?

2. Medium member targetted Social Media

Other than Publication, there are some Social Media you could use to promote your writings. Of course, you would like to target Medium members, if you like to be eligible for payment. Below are some recommended places you could go to.

  1. Quora. There a Medium Partner & Writer Space that you could share your post over there. Might not be as engaging as the Facebook group. But no harm to try.
  2. Reddit. Lately there’s Medium Publication Subreddit that you could publish to. Don’t hold your breath though, as most people are there to publish and not very often read at the moment.
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Example of Slack Medium Writing, with more channels to share things, more features overall.

3. Promoting externally

While it is true only Medium Members reading time will generate income, there are some obvious benefits to promoting your writing externally too.

  • It might reach people who are also Medium members
  • Some external reader may turn Medium member. If they do so that month, you’ll still get paid

Reaching out to followers/fans

Medium allows people to follow you. However, some people follow too many, and your articles may be drowned by other articles. Hence the likelihood of your followers find your article is not guaranteed.


The site allows your followers to subscribe to you, so that you could send an email subscription to them if you want. I like it as it is free for you and the subscriber.


Similar to the above, readers could subscribe to your newsletter. However the downside of is subscribers have to pay to subscribe. You need to be a real top-notch writer to have people consider that.


If your reader wants to offer you a coffee, they could come here and pay you once. At the same time, they could also click to follow you, so you could provide them updates.

Knowing your Medium followers better

Sometimes know your followers better would help you to to know better how you should write, and also better understand the possible outcome of your article write-up.

Know who your medium followers are members

Medium does allow you to know if a follower is also a Medium member, but if you have lots of them, it would be hard for you to find out. Below is some way you could extract them out quickly.

Know if your follower is also your follower

Below is an article from Anupam Chugh, that helps you quickly check if who are you following is also following you. Perhaps your friend? Perhaps you both have a common interest and you both could connect better?

Analyze your Medium result

Once you have written your articles, published it, got a bunch of followers, and see some statistic results provided by Medium, ever wonder how do you fare so far? How is it compare overall with the general trend? Is there a reference?

1. Extract Medium data and put into Excel

Medium does provide you a bunch of data in the Stat and Medium Partner Program page. However they are in a form that is not easily extracted for your to analyzed.

2. Knowing other trends as reference.

If you have some reference to compare against, then you would roughly know where you are, and the potential of improvements.

Backup your Medium data

Last and not least, after writing so much, it is very very important that you have your copies of Medium data locally (or somewhere you deem safe).

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