Defect on camera of every smartphone?!

2 min readJan 14, 2017

Check if this problem is on your smartphone as well…

How I detect it?

One night, I was thinking of taking a camera shot with my Samsung Galaxy S7 on a night scene of a city with lights. I realize a light floating around as I move my camera. Check out the video below.

Getting very curious. I do more experiment… and point it back into the room, into a focus light. I see the running-light again. It is not visible on the ceiling physically, but in the view of my camera, it is clear. I use finger to block the light, and it could be blocked. Check out my video below.

I am not alone!

Being impressed Samsung Galaxy S7 camera so far, I thought this must be some anomaly. First thought is this could be my camera defects. Since my smartphone is still under warranty, I took to the shop and ask for a replacement.

The shop person is also surprise and try to test it debug, reset my phone and perform everything. Problem still persist.

And finally, she tried to test it on her iPhone 6. To our amazement, the problem exist as well! So it is mention then that this is a feature instead of defect.

Later, I check on more phones, indeed its the problem on all the phones I check. Check it out for yourselves on your phone.

I hope you appreciate this post and it’s helpful for you.

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