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Over the course of my career in software development, I have had the great privilege of working under different technical leads. They are the people who drive the forefront technical direction of the team. I have learned much from them.

To be a great tech lead is hard. It’s an…

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In my early software development career, with much hard work, I am very fortunate to become a software manager relatively early. Being relatively young and naive as a new manager, my focus has been on commitments and project deliveries.

Still, I did well and climbed the management ladder to become…

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As developers, the longer we’re on the job, the more experience we gain. Eventually, we may even become the go-to person on our team or in our organization, seen as the technical guru of our field.

At this level, we get a self-esteem boost, which is positive. But at times…

The Programming World

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If someone asks which jobs will be obsolete in the next decade, the jobs that come to mind are those that could be replaced by machines and software, e.g. professions like driver, broadcaster, travel agent, sports official, and many more.

To many, software development is never on the list. Software…

Learning Android Development

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There are 8 Jetpack Compose side effects shared in the main documentation. I have also shared a simplified version of them below.

Trying to remember all of them is not easy. To simplify things, I try to map them together in some relationship.

I won’t say it’s the best way…

Learning Android Development

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LiveData is no longer an unfamiliar term in Android development. But do you know there are different ways to create them? They differ depending on what you need.

Let’s look at the different ways of creating LiveData.

To understand what LiveData is, you can read about them in

1. Manually Instantiate MutableLiveData

Okay, this…

Learning Android Development

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In Kotlin, the By delegate is a great feature. It does make code much cleaner and succinct.

In trying to use it, recently it help me avoid the trap of an anti-pattern in Jetpack Compose. Let me share my experience below.

A Simple Button Trigger

I have a code with a button to trigger…


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