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The Software Word

It‘s a position that requires intricate calibration of various personality traits

Over the course of my career in software development, I have had the great privilege of working under different technical leads. They are the people who drive the forefront technical direction of the team. I have learned much from them.

To be a great tech lead is hard. It’s an…

Speaking from experience — with a second chance in a software leadership position

People in a meeting

In my early software development career, with much hard work, I am very fortunate to become a software manager relatively early. Being relatively young and naive as a new manager, my focus has been on commitments and project deliveries.

Still, I did well and climbed the management ladder to become…

A tertiary education is important but some things look even better on a resume

Don’t get me wrong — a tertiary education is important, especially if you attend a school that is closely linked with the industry. It usually provides good pointers and sound fundamentals of what computer science is.

However, in the internet-driven world we live in, if you want to start your…

The more we’ve learned, the more we’ve realized there’s so much more to learn

A young man looking out of an apartment window.

As developers, the longer we’re on the job, the more experience we gain. Eventually, we may even become the go-to person on our team or in our organization, seen as the technical guru of our field.

At this level, we get a self-esteem boost, which is positive. But at times…

The Programming World

Software development is a rapidly changing profession — and you gotta keep evolving

Silhouetee of man on a plane.

If someone asks which jobs will be obsolete in the next decade, the jobs that come to mind are those that could be replaced by machines and software, e.g. professions like driver, broadcaster, travel agent, sports official, and many more.

To many, software development is never on the list. Software…

The Software World

Age doesn’t matter, pursue your passion even if it means starting all over again

I don’t think many people have my crazy experience. I don’t know if this is a fortune or mishap. I live through both extremes.

The story of how I rise, fall, and try standing up again…

Young Software Supervisor

I joined a software engineering department of a semiconductor company. We write software in…

The Software World

We just cannot measure software development by the time spent

“When you grow up, get a good 9 to 5 job.” That’s the advice given to me when I was young.

After working in Software Development for many years, I realize that’s not my life. …

The Software World

If It Isn’t Passion, I Would Have Given Up

As I move to a new country about 7 years ago, I started afresh. Despite being a software development manager once, I just get any job that comes first.

I got into a warehouse job, where I work in the Stock Refill team. My task is to go collect the…

Learning Android Development

Pick either RecyclerView or LazyColumn. Avoid mixing.

As an experienced Android Developer, we know RecyclerView. But with Jetpack Compose, now we have LazyColumn.

But in the event, if we have an App that is actively being used, with lots of different ViewHolders in it’s RecyclerView, is it possible to add a Composable View as a ViewHolder?


Learning Android Development

Should we still worry about flattening the hierarchy in Jetpack Compose?

In Google I/O 2017, ConstraintLayout is being introduced. Since then the Google team has advocated developers to use ConstraintLayout, simply because it is a flattened hierarchy, and will result in faster rendering.

When we open up a project template, ConstraintLayout is given.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


Sharing Software Development Experience, focus on Mobile.

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