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As I was looking for some useful coding quotes, I discovered many funny ones. Enjoy reading them — I thought these should be compiled together.

Most are from other sources (as per linked), with the exception of a handful that are my own.

I have separated them down into:

1. The Programming Life 
2. Software Engineering
3. Languages and Logic
4. Platform, Tools, and Administration
5. General

Hope you enjoy at least some of them!

The Programming Life

  1. “Programmer: A machine that turns coffee into code.” (source)
  2. “Computers are fast; programmers keep it slow.” (source)
  3. “When I wrote this code, only God and I understood what I did. …

Programmer’s Life

It’s funny only when you understand it ;-)

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Either for a programmer or non-programmer, if you find hard to understand some of the programmers joke, this might help you with some

I previously published a list of funny programmer quotes as below. Admittedly, some of them make me wonder a while before a got the “aha” moment, which puts a smile on my face.

Why not let me share the joy, by explaining those that might be a little cryptic, and have fun together with all.

The Programming Life

“Programmer: A machine that turns coffee into code.” (source)

We (programmers) drink coffee often, while we code. Whether the code works or not is another story. 😆

Ever wonder why the software you use 10 years ago and now still have the same speed, even if you have upgraded your machine to the latest and fastest? Well, the speed is not for you, but for the programmers, so we can less worry about optimizing our code now. You don’t even feel the difference right? …

Learning Kotlin and Swift

Explore Kotlin and Swift together and learn their differences

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If one go quickly and looking for a guide for to check the compatible Kotlin syntax with Swift, most of people will see as below

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While I agree with the var is the equivalent for both language, but val is not let. They have similar attributes but they are not the same.

How are they similar?

For the sake of completeness to those new to both languages, I share the below bit quickly

// Kotlin
var x = 10
val y = 10
x = 11 // Okay, it is chageable
y = 11 // Error, it is unchangable
// Swift
var x = 10
let y = 10
x = 11 // Okay, it is chageable
y = 11 // Error, it is…



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