A tertiary education is important but some things look even better on a resume

Don’t get me wrong — a tertiary education is important, especially if you attend a school that is closely linked with the industry. It usually provides good pointers and sound fundamentals of what computer science is.

However, in the internet-driven world we live in, if you want to start your career as a software developer, your Computer Science degree should not be the most important point in your resume.

So what are the 5 things better than a computer science degree? They are listed below, ordered from easiest to hardest.

Technical Social Media

The more we’ve learned, the more we’ve realized there’s so much more to learn

A young man looking out of an apartment window.
A young man looking out of an apartment window.
Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Unsplash

As developers, the longer we’re on the job, the more experience we gain. Eventually, we may even become the go-to person on our team or in our organization, seen as the technical guru of our field.

At this level, we get a self-esteem boost, which is positive. But at times we may fall into the trap of getting an unnecessary ego. The wrong mindset creeps in, which can lead to the beginning of our downfall.

I’ve been through that journey. So I now consciously remind myself not to fall into one of those mindsets again. …

The Programming World

Software development is a rapidly changing profession — and you gotta keep evolving

Silhouetee of man on a plane.
Silhouetee of man on a plane.
Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

If someone asks which jobs will be obsolete in the next decade, the jobs that come to mind are those that could be replaced by machines and software, e.g. professions like driver, broadcaster, travel agent, sports official, and many more.

To many, software development is never on the list. Software is the future, hence it is the most secured job. Really?

Well, it makes sense but it’s not always true. Here’s why:

Software Development Is the Most Changed Profession

Hardware architected to last;
Software architected to change
Change is the only thing that last;
Software wins.

Assembly programming was considered software. Then C language became the norm…

For when coffee isn’t enough to bring a smile to your face

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

As I was looking for some useful coding quotes, I discovered many funny ones. Enjoy reading them — I thought these should be compiled together.

Most are from other sources (as per linked), with the exception of a handful that are my own.

I have separated them down into:

1. The Programming Life 
2. Software Engineering
3. Languages and Logic
4. Platform, Tools, and Administration
5. General

Hope you enjoy at least some of them!

The Programming Life

  1. “Programmer: A machine that turns coffee into code.” (source)
  2. “Computers are fast; programmers keep it slow.” (source)
  3. “When I wrote this code, only God and…

The Programmers World

Software Quality is NOT just Testing, Testing, and Testing

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

When we talk about Software Quality, the first thing that comes to mind is testing. Many organizations even have special QA groups to perform testing or write automated tests.

There is no question that testing is crucial to ensure quality, but it is just one of the many things that can be done to ensure Quality. In software development especially, there are other things that can be done to improve our software product.

I’m breaking them down into two categories i.e.

  1. Preparation Quality Assurance
  2. Preventive Quality Assurance
  3. Reactive Quality Assurance

Preparation Quality Assurance

Fail to plan, plan to fail — Benjamin Franklin


Learning Android Development

M1 Android Google API & Play System Images version 3 is broken!

Picture from Pixabay from kalhh

I previously wrote about how to set up Android Emulator for M1 MacBookPro as per the article below.

Unfortunately of late, there’s some issue faced. After compiling the project, and the Emulator started, Android Studio keep staying in the status

Waiting for all target device to come online

Apparently, the issue is adb cannot detect the Emulator is running (even though it is running already). When we use adb devices, it will report

List of devices attached
emulator-5554 offline

It only happens on Version 3 onward

It was okay previously. Just after updated to the latest System Image v3, then this happens. You can see as below.

Learning Android Development

Customize Gradle Dependencies Download With Script

Photo by Daniel on Unsplash

One of the main tasks of Gradle is to help the management of code dependencies. When we perform compilation, it will automatically download the dependencies and store them in cache before the compilation.

Have you ever wonder if you can do the following?

  • Manually download them ahead (great for some CI environment setup)
  • Know exactly where the downloaded cached dependencies are stored

Here, I’m sharing how to create a simple task in Gradle to do that.

Setup a basic task structure

To do that, let’s create a skeleton of a task as below.

task resolveDependencies {     
setDescription "Resolves all projects dependencies." …

Learning Software Development

Clarify and simplify the steps to upload to MavenCentral

Photo by Bernd Dittrich on Unsplash

It was announced that JCenter and Bintray are retiring soon. All new libraries update should be uploaded elsewhere. One of the places is MavenCentral. But how can we upload it there?

There are various tutorials out there, but the one I like most is from Steam: Publishing Android libraries to MavenCentral in 2021. It has all the detailed steps. There are some hiccups while following it (perhaps the steps have changed) but overall it’s great.

However, it was still too complicated for me. So I wrote this to simplify the steps required. There are many terms that are unfamiliar like…

Learning Android Development

Understanding where we get our library from and how we share

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

When we first learn to develop in Android, we just follow the tutorial steps and code accordingly. A few of the parts we don’t even understand especially the code in Gradle.

If you like to learn basic about Gradle for Android development, check this out.

We probably have seen code as below

repositories {

I know these are places storing all libraries, but that’s it, and not knowing what it means.

And lately, you probably heard the JCenter is retiring on Feb 1, 2022. Many are asked to move to MavenCentral instead. So I check…

Learning Software Tool

Learn A Free Open Source Tool For Your Personal Encryption

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

You have a file, you want to encrypt it before sending it to your friend, how will you do it? There are many tools to do it. Below is one that is an IT-savvy-friendly tool that is widely known, Gnu Private Guard (aka GPG).

Nice! Using it is simple too.

Generate Key-Pair

After you download, the first step is to generate your key

gpg --generate-key

It will provide you few steps to generate your key, just your name, email, and Okay, as…


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